10 Qualities of a Leader

  1. A leader must be able to take criticism. No person in a position of authority will be immune from it. One must learn to sort out the constructive, from which one can learn, and the malicious which one must ignore.
  2. A leader must learn to stand adversity. Things will not always go well. Failures will happen. A good leader will bounce back.
  3. A leader must be able to delegate authority. He or she must be able to give up power, to trust those under them.
  4. The leader must make decisions. The person who cannot take a stand does not deserve to lead others.
  5. The leader must be free from prejudices. “Prejudice,” someone once said, “is a luxury only little people can afford.”
  6. A leader must learn to praise others, to share the credit, and to give credit where it is due. If he or she tries to take credit for everything, they will not lead, they will only frustrate those under them.
  7. A leader must be able to concentrate under difficult conditions, to keep the goal constantly in mind, to keep his or her head when all about them are losing theirs.
  8. A true leader will assume responsibility for their own mistakes.
  9. A leader will not try to avoid responsibility for the mistakes of others.
  10.  A good leader will grow and learn. Stagnation is not leadership.
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