Constructive Thinking: Your Elevator to Success

# 9. Constructive Thinking: Your Elevator to Success—Dr. Seymour Epstein of the University of Massachusetts researched the thinking styles of highly successful people.…The most interesting survey result was the fact that superachievers think differently than average achievers.

Dr. Epstein found nine key differences:

  1. Superachievers think in ways that make them less sensitive to disapproval and rejection. They brush off rejection faster.
  2. They think in ways that facilitate effective action.
  3. Their thoughts are more focused on the task at hand and they refuse to let their minds drift to unpleasant events of the past.
    If they cannot do anything about a negative situation, they do not worry about it and they move on with their lives.
  4. They do not engage in superstitious thoughts.
  5. The think that failures are an important source of learning and refuse to equate failure with low self-worth. Thinking constructively saves them from wasting time and suffering psychological pain.
  6. They do not restrict their thinking by establishing rigid patterns. They do not divide others into “winners” and “losers,” but accept people for who they are as individuals.
  7. They think thoughts through without jumping to false conclusions. They are able to see their actions and the world in a healthy and realistic perspective. They are optimists, yet think realistically.
  8. They welcome challenges with optimism and without fear. When they face difficulties, they find ways to look at the positive side of life.
  9. They do not waste time in unproductive, esoteric, or catastrophic thoughts. They think constructively and they know that their level of thinking determines their level of success.


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