I’m So Close To You!!! (Very Touching Love Poem)

I’m so close to you,
But in my heart i never knew,
I seen you for a day or two,
You remember everything i say to you,
Love how you listen,
You got such a glow you glisten,
I accomplish my mission.
I love it when you love to be around,
You stand your ground.
Don’t let nobody change you!
I’m so close to you, I will sustain you,
Through the heartbreak, if there is one,
I’m so close to you, let’s see what us will become.
I want it to be love,
And us holding each other as the wind,
Blows through your hair,
A day like today, Where we are not aware,
Of what this will become,
Only excited because we are together,
Sharing this moment, like it’s a romantic dinner,
My love for you will not get thinner!

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