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Learn To Show Up,Ability is not enough!

Ability is nothing without availability.

Do you have a great idea resting majestically in your head?

A great song yet to be sung?

A great play/movie still unscripted?

A great knowledge/wisdom to better the world at large?

A great approach to world’s power problems?

These are just great nothings and will remain so, until they become available.

You must learn to show up

Develop the ability called availability.

Be ready when it’s convenient and when it’s not.

Learn to be there when it matters most.

Take a prominent role in your family, team/group, and country.

Dare to ask that question even if it may seem stupid;

Get the attention of the people that matter.

Take the risk, the heavens will not fall.

At worst you will have to try again, but please, be available.

You can’t win in a race where you are absent.

Always remember the saying, ‘when the desirable is not available, the available becomes desirable.’

Are you available today to do great things in your life and better the life of others?

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