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Letter from God

Hello from Heaven,
I am watching you.
With only a few pictures,
And memories to cherish,
You remember,
And I watch and marvel even as I write.

Of the man you have become,
Of the son I can no longer physically hold.
But by a stronger connection,
And through an unbreakable faith,
The son I am so proud,
The father in his son.

Completely by accident,
Completely by fate,
Your Mother and your Brothers,
With you still looking up,
All left to find your way, without my hand.
Completely alone, but completely watched.

I will always keep the porch light on.
For when that supper day arrives again,
We shall all feast and reconnect our souls,
Like it had been, like it shall be.
The ties are never broken,
Only frayed by the hand of the Master.

Hello from Heaven,
I’m closer than they think,
I will always keep my eyes on all of them,
But you I know, already feel my warmth.
My time was shorter than some others,
But time is not measured by light alone.

Hello from Heaven,
You know I am near,
Your heart and your drive always show it.
The son for which pride,
Could never be measured,
Continue to fight, continue to grow.

Your visits I always welcome,
I visit as often as you.
Through your life I live,
As you live from my life,
Ever connected, ever loved,
An incalculable love from Heaven.

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