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The courage to Dare

The course of history has been changed by those willing to dare. And those daring enough to do. Life is an exciting adventure, but is also a struggle. Every great success has been achieved by those who are willing to dare, and every winner has scars.

Courage requires ambition, integrity, audacity, and the will to succeed.

Courage requires a drive to be different. It is escaping from old ideas and patterns and breaking the barriers of accepted ways of doing things. A systematic pursuit to plunge, to speculate, to inquire, to imagine, to doubt, to explore.

Courage requires a healthy impatience, unencumbered by standard procedures and undissipated by the bonds of custom and restraint. Eccentric experimentation and radical departure are the rule. The one who dares is willing to forge the unknown and place new ideas in confrontation with the old. It is a venturous gospel, the courage to dare. It takes a spirit which welcomes nonconformity, filled with zeal, an exuberance, and an ardor for the unexplored. And the travel is worthy of the travail.

Failure is not final or fatal, but not to make the attempt is the great failure. The one with courage is unafraid of making mistakes. He or she is willing to take the calculated risk and act on the belief in his or her own ideas.

There must be a willingness to pay the price, and the price is always pain and work along with an uncritical and unquestioning faith.

Courage takes the will, the fortitude, and the resolution of undisciplined enthusiasm. It develops from within and is rooted in a strong mental and moral fiber. It toughens the spirit and strips the fat of indecision. It requires the strength to endure the burden and rigors of the unknown and the heart to expand new horizons and extend new frontiers.

The courage to dare requires an abhorrence for everything that is dull, motionless and un-risking. There must be no tolerance for the rigidity and the timidity of attempting the bold and the new. History will deal kindly with the man who throws himself into the battle, takes the unconventional position, and gives his heart and spirit to the terror, the surprise, the fear, and the exhilaration of the unexplored. The courage to dare is both the genius and the secret of the ages.


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