The Mystery In The Power Of Praise

Have you ever been in a state where it seemed that God had gone mute to your prayers? The state where even unbelievers had to use you as a reference point to ask God questions?

My name is Mrs. Wale, a promising young businesswoman.

In my early life, I served God so faithfully and was committed to doing his work. As I journeyed through my Christian life, so many suitors came asking my hand in marriage but none of them met my requirements for the kind of man I wanted.

After waiting for a while, Bro Wale showed up. He was very caring and lovely. We dated for a while and he finally proposed and within few months, we got married. It was a happy moment for me but little did I know that my happiness was just for seconds.

My faithful and God fearing Mr. Wale became a hand tool in the hands of the devil, after we waited on the Lord for two years to bless us with children. The situation worsened after we had the Dr. report that I had a tumor and I may not be able to conceive.

The report got our lovely home messed up. My husband became a source of mockery amongst friends. Before I knew it, my faithful husband ended up sleeping around with strange women and got me infected with HIV and AIDS and set me packing out of the house.

The bad moments he made me go through in life left bitterness in me against him and I placed curses on him.

“What am I going to do with my life and what am I living for?” was all I asked myself every night as I wet my pillows with tears.

Two weeks later, following my state of health, I decided to visit the Dr. for a checkup. At the end of his investigation, he came up to say I had been diagnosed with blood cancer and he advised I go home and put my house in order, for I may not survive 3 months of living.

It was at this point I knew that my end had come.

Like the prodigal son, I had to fall back to my master for forgiveness. I fasted and prayed for weeks believing God would make this change.

“But how can blood cancer, a tumor and HIV and AIDS disappear? Are all these not too much for me?” was all that puzzled my mind.

It was at that point when I decided to make plans to put my house in order, I heard a preacher on the radio. The preacher started by asking the question:

“Whose report are you to believe? Who says you can’t fulfill your destiny? If you have tried all prayer doors and none seems to work or open for you, WHY NOT YOU TRY THE DOOR OF PRAISE?

For God is found in the harbinger of praises. Praise gets God committed into any situation. When you pray, God assigns his angels to answer. But when you praise him, God himself steps in. God is not through with you yet!”

When I heard these words, my heart melted and I knew immediately that God indeed is committed to restoring my lost glory. Instead of giving up, I immediately declared 7 days of dancing and praising God.

On that faithful night to complete the program, the spirit to call on MY FATHER came upon me. I praised him as never before. It was a night of completion and to be remembered.

I danced and praised him. It was the type of dancing that I had never done in my whole life. It was after such joyous dancing that the peace I had been longing for came like the cool morning dew

While still in my mood of celebration, like a dream, a man walked into my room and greeted me:

“Peace be unto you! Oh woman of praise.
Your day of celebration has finally come!”

“Who are you? And how did you get here?” I asked with my lips trembling.

With smile on his face he said, “Am he that has been sent to present to you, your packaged blessings. I had been around to present your answers to your prayer request, but was held back by evil spirits in your house.”

“Spirits? Did you say spirits?” I asked him while trying to look around my house to see if I could see the evil spirits.


“Yes! Evil spirits”, he responded.

Like I said earlier he continued…

“I had been here and was kept bound by evil spirits in your house. They are the spirits of unforgivingness and unbelief. The unforgivingness you have against your husband is after you. The unbelieving spirit came at that point when you switched to counting your illnesses, and that immediately reduced God’s healing ability over you.

They both stopped me BUT when you praised and danced in the presence of God, God had to fulfill his words.


For every year that you had counted a waste has been restored. Those that saw you as a source of mockery shall return to celebrate you. Congratulations, once more, for you had been made whole.”

It was right there and then I knew my deliverance had started. It was a night to remember.

Two days later, I went back to that same Dr. that declared me a walking corpse. And after running several tests on me, he could not fine traces of Blood Cancer, the Tumor nor HIV and AIDS.

The mystery behind praise had turned my table around for Good. The Dr. and everyone immediately gave their lives to Christ for they had never seen this kind of miracle. “What a mystery!” was the exclamation of all as they celebrate with me. God is indeed faithful.

Moral Lessons:

    • Never give up on yourself when God had not said so.

    • The thickness of the night can never prevent the sun from rising for your light must shine forth.

  • If you had tried other doors, never forget to try Praise, for God is committed to fulfilling all that concerns you.

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