This Day is Mine

Today I will search for the goodness in everyone I meet. I will remember that light reflects off the whole world around me, and that how I view that would depend on the glasses I choose to wear.…

Today I will walk through doors and lives knowing that it is my contributions and not my comments that shape the world around me. It is not the big things but the little things for which I will best be remembered; in any case I will be myself.

I will feed where there is hunger, I will comfort where there is loneliness and I will listen to the words, the music and the rhythm of those with whom I share my life. I will bring love where there is hatred, fight for what is right, make amends for any wrongs I may have done and ask forgiveness from those I have harmed. Today I will hug my loved ones.…

This day is mine to work for the Harvest Master.


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