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What will you Do if…Don’t give up hope

Appreciation and/or recognition can definitely motivate you to produce some good work but…

    • What will you do if… all of your efforts go unnoticed?

    • What will you do if… all of your thoughts about your forte go unacknowledged?

    • What will you do if… all of your approaches go undetected?

    • What will you do if… all of your fundamentals are higher standards than most people understand?

    • What will you do if… all of your thoughts and ideas are a bit more advanced than your age?

You can convince me only if I will listen to you but what will you do if… I shut my eyes and ears or close my brain?

Judgment comes only after analysis. To analyze things the approach has to be detected, the effort has to be noticed and the thoughts have to be understood. It is not that you haven’t worked hard but you are not able to display them.

It just might happen that one may draw him/herself to a total darkness out of despair because of a feeling of being unwanted. It is a like a disease which squeezes juice from life. Just like appreciation and recognition can do wonders, the opposite can kill one’s spirit.

Man is a social animal, If society ignores you, what will you do? The man inside you turns out to an animal who will vent his feelings through aggression only.

Is there a better solution for this problem? Definitely! People just give up hope one step short of the most awaited moment.

Don’t ever lose patience because hard work pays off in the form of confidence. Confidence is that quality which converts work into display. Of course opportunity plays a major role, but not the sole one.

Believe in yourself because luck favors those who believe in themselves. Make your presence felt and at the same time, don’t forget to appreciate others efforts. Patience and perseverance are the two key factors which decide the fate of the fighter and that fighter is YOU!

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